Sahastrar Puja Seminar at Nargol
Dear Family,Jai Shri Mataji,It is nice to share with the family the joy of the bliss that was in Nargol. Nargol is a sea beach . May 06, 2009
Thousand Seekers receives their Self Realization at Ahmedabad (India)
By the blessings of Her Holiness Shri Mataji the Sahaja Yoga Parivar of Ahmedabad, Gujarat availed a unique opportunity to host a . Jun 06, 2009
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi marg inaugurated in Sethi Nagar, Ujjain
On the eve of Adishakti Puja on Sunday, the 7th June, the city of 'Mahakal' -Ujjain , witnessed the beginning of a new . Jun 16, 2009
Release of Sahaja yoga newsletter from Pune
It gives us great pleasure to share within the Sahaja Yoga family that during the recent presentation and appraisal on the latest . Aug 04, 2009
Several Maharashtra state top C.I.D Police Officials get their self realization
Recently a Sahaja Yoga programme on Stress Management was hosted by the Maharashtra committee in Pune on 7th August 2009.The . Sep 03, 2009
Advertisement for New applications 2010
Please note that all applications for new students to ISPS, Dharamshala must be received by 15th October, 2009 for next year . Sep 04, 2009
Invitation from PKS Music Academy for new term
It is with great pleasure that we invite you after the monsoon vacation to attend Shri P.K. Salve Kala Pratishthan.Shri P. K. . Sep 09, 2009


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