Sahaj Yoga Regional seminar and Shree Buddha Puja on 13 & 14 May 2017 at HARDOI (U.P.)


 With blessing of our beloved mother we are glad to inform you that Regional seminar and Shree Buddha puja will take place at Hardoi on 13 & 14 May 2017.

From all our heart we the sahaj yogis of Uttar Pradesh collectivity invite all our sahaj family from all over India and the world to workship Shree Aadishkti Niramala Devi in her Shree Buddha aspect and to dissolve in her love and vibration.

The Venue of Shree Buddha Puja is Sahaj Yoga Dhyan center, Sitapur Road,Hardoi (at left side of Roadways workshop, Banjar Baba mandir)

Hardoi District is situated in middle of Maa Ganga And Gomti(River) and known as auspicious place of Bhakt Prahlad and is famous for Maharish Dhadhichi and 84 Kosiparikrama of Namisharanya (Lalita Chakra) and incarnation of Narshingha who killed Hirnakashyap.

We therefore, welcome you to this place of spiritual significance. Let us celebrate together and clear our Ahankar and Prtiahankar by surrendering it in the Louts Feet of Our Divine Mother and enter into kingdom of god to enjoy the bliss and peace.

The details of the schedule is enclose here with


Convener Jt. Convener
R.D. Tyagi Brijesh Kapoor
Trustee, National Trust State coordinator (U.P.)
Mob. No:- 9415104812 Mob. No: 9450906032
Land line no: 0522-2394354 Email –



Regional Buddha Puja 2017

Format of information


Name of center:-

Name & phone no. of Leader of the group:-

(Who will collect the coupons at seminar site?)


Number of Sahaj Yogis

Total amount adults@

Rs 800/-

Total amount yuva@

Rs 500/-

Children 6 to 11 years @ Rs. 250/-

No. of senior citizens

in the group


Yuva Shakti
























Total amount payable Rs.-



1. Coupons shall be given to group leaders.

2. For larger groups, there could be more than one group leader.

3. Registration amount as per the above details may please be deposited either directly in account No. 86812010003630 in the name of “H.H. SHREE MATA JI NIRMALA DEVI SAHAJ YOGA TURST” with Syndicate Bank, civil lines Hardoi (U.P.) OR

By NEFT/RTGS in above account IFSC code is SYNB0008681.


Seminar expenses:-

The details of Registration amount for the seminar is as under



Adults (Rs.)

Yuva shakti from 12 to 25 years (Rs.)

Childrens 6 to 11 years (Rs.)

13 May 2017




Children below 6 years will not charge.


Mode of payment of seminar expenses Latest by 10th May:-

Registration amount as per the above details may please be deposited either directly in Account 86812010003630 in the name of “H.H. SHREE MATA JI NIRMALA DEVI SAHAJ YOGA TURST” with Syndicate Bank, civil lines Hardoi (U.P.) OR By NEFT/RTGS in above account IFSC code is SYNB0008681. Seminar expenses can also be sent through CTS 2010 Cheque or bank draft in favor of “H.H. SHREE MATA JI NIRMALA DEVI SAHAJ YOGA TURST” payable at Hardoi.


Helpline numbers:-

Shri Aatmaram Mishra : 09839270293

Shri Vinay Bajpayee: 08081336721

Shri Ajay kumar Kushwaha: 09450941718

Shri Rajesh Kumar Verma: 09454687927

Smt. Ranjana Singh: 08090402194

Smt. Suman Lata: 09125446305

Smt. Rajvala Bajpayee : 08953987738

Dr. Prakash Veer: 09411038322

Smt. Surabhi Singh: 08604003457

Dr. V.D. Verma: 09450577214

Prashant Shukla : 09565548206, 08707799037

Raju Bhaiya: 09838292305


Puja Committee:-

1. Shri R.D. Tyagi

2. Shri Brijesh Kapoor



1. Management committee:-

  1. Shri Brijesh Kapoor

  2. Shri S.K. Chakrvarti

  3. Shri Vinay Bajpeyee

  4. Shri Sushil Kumar Srivastva (Sitapur)

  5. Shri S.K. Agnihotri (Bareilly)

  6. Shri Omakar Kanojiya (Shahjahanpur)

  7. Shri Dilip Srivastva (Shahjahanpur)

  8. Shri Prem Shankar(Balamau)

  9. Shri J.R. Verma (Lucknow)

  10. Shri Shravan Kumar Singh(Lucknow)

  11. Dr. Kailash Nath Kanojiya(Tendua)

  12. Shri Aatmaram Singh (Hardoi)

  13. Dr. Prakash Veer (Hardoi)

  14. Dr. V.D. Verma (Hardoi)

  15. Shri Brijesh Kumar Singh (Balamau)

  16. Smt. Rashmi Shrivastva

  17. Dr. Aasha Mishra

  18. Smt. Nita Pal

  19. Smt. Bindu Pandey


2. Financial committee:-

  1. Shri Krishan Singh (Lucknow )

  2. Shri Vinay Bajpeyee (Hardoi)

  3. Shri Premshankar Singh(Balamau)

  4. Shri Ajay Kumar(Hardoi)


3.Puja Committee(decoration):-

  1. Smt.

  2. Smt. Usha Verma(Lucknow)

  3. Smt. Rashmi Srivastva(Hardoi)

  4. Kr. Madhu Singh (Hardoi)

  5. Smt. Rajbala (Hardoi)

  6. Smt. Sarla Singh ,medical(Hardoi)

  7. Smt. Ranjna Singh(Hardoi)

  8. Smt. Radha Tiwari(Hardoi)

  9. Kr. Ruchi Singh(Hardoi)

  10. Smt. Meenu (Hardoi)

  11. Smt. Meeta Pal(Hardoi)

  12. Smt. Munny Diwakar(Hardoi)

  13. Kr. Joyti Verma (Hardoi)

  14. Kr. Savita (Hardoi)

  15. Smt. Suman Lata(Hardoi)

  16. Shri Raju Bhaiya(Hardoi)

  17. Shri Prashant Shukla

  18. Shri Sumit Shrivastva

  19. Shri Himanshu Pandey

  20. Smt. Rarchna Singh(Balamau)


4. Tent and Water supply Committee:-

  1. Shri Shiv Sagar Verma (Lucknow)

  2. Shri Aatmaram Mishra(Hardoi)

  3. Shri Vishram Kanojiya (Hardoi)

  4. Shri Parmeshverdin Kanojiya(Tendua)

  5. Shri Surendra Kanojiya(Tendua)

  6. Shri Omakar Kanojiya


5. Food Committee:-

  1. Shri D.K. Bajpeyee

  2. Shri K.C. Verma


6. Transport Committee:-

  1. Shri Sushil Srivastva(Sitapur)

  2. Shri Dilip Srivastv(Shahjahanpur)

  3. Shri Ashok Agrwal(Sandila)

  4. Shri Gaya Prashad (Sandila)

  5. Shri Rinku (Sandila)


7. Medical Committee:-

  1. Shri Omakar Kanojiya (Shahjahanpur)

  2. Dr. Manish Singh(Hardoi)

  3. Dr. Aakrti (Hardoi)


8. Registration Committee:-

  1. Shri Vinay Bajpeyee(Hardoi)

  2. Shri Vishram Kanojiya (Hardoi)

  3. Dr. Aasha Mishra (Hardoi)

  4. Kr. Ruchi Singh (Hardoi)

  5. Smt. Surabhi Singh (Hardoi)

  6. Dr. Bindu Pandey (Hardoi)

  7. Dr. Aakrti (Hardoi)

  8. Smt. Archana Singh(Balamau)

  9. Smt. Prakash Veer


9. Sound Committee:-

  1. Shri Prem Shankar (Balamau)

  2. Shri Sunil Srivastva(Hardoi)

  3. Raju Bhaiya (Hardoi)


10. Music Committee:-

  1. Smt. Mala Chakrvarti (Lucknow)






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