Shri Virat Puja – 2016
At Apeejay Public School, Sector 16A,  Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P
20th November 2016 (Sunday)
“.....In the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, I tried only to cure people: their physical problems, mental problems, their family problems and financial problems. All kinds of problems have been solved in Sahaja Yoga and we have had some of great mishaps in between. As you know that when they came upto Agya, they started taking over the whole atmosphere by some sort of authority which was not the God’s authority.
As a result many people went out at the Agya but those who have come out to Sahastara have to understand that collectivity is the basic of your ascent. If you are not collective, if you do not come to the Centre (Meeting), if you do not meet each other, then you are like a nail which is cut out of the finger and the divine has nothing to do with you. You are out of the tree, like the flowers which have come out of the tree can exist for a while, no doubt, but after some time they are dead and finished. So it is important for all of you to understand that collectivity, if it is not established in Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yoga will die out”......Shri Virat Puja – 10 April – 1991 (Melbourne)
Jai Shri Mata Ji
Dear All,
    We invite you all in the Virat Puja to let us make our total world collectively strong by our vertical growth so that by our collective prayers, love, devotion and surrender, we are able to destroy negative forces coming in the way of our ascent, negativity effecting our collectivity and destroying world peace,harmony etc.
We are grateful to Shri Mata Ji who has given us chance to collectively worship Her as Shri Virat in the Puja on 20th Nov 2016.
It is therefore requested that we all Sahaja Yogis from all over the country assemble in the Pooja and rise to the state of Virat.
In furtherance of our circular dated 10th September 2016, issued earlier, following may please be noted.
Pooja Money:
1. Adults for Rs.200/-
2. For Age 6-12 Yrs: Rs.100/-
3. No Charges below 6 Yrs
Staying Arrangements for 19th or 20th Nov 2016
Since there is limited accomodation available, it is suggested that Sahaja Yogis willing to stay for 19th or 20th Nov, make their own arrangements. Alternately, it is suggested that they may book their accommodations as per attached list of guest houses/hotels on their own.
However for any inquiry/help in this connection following may be contacted:
Sh Surya Tyagi - 9810084327
Sh. Ashutosh - 9810456730
Sh. Aditya Ved - 9717068310(Yuva Shakthi Coordinator)
Transport Arrangements
Noida is well connected by Road & Metro line. For metro connectivity one can take the straight connection from the Rajeev Chowk, Connaught Place New Delhi (Blue Line) to Sector 16, Noida metro station, where our volunteers will be available.
Anybody interested taking a car/taxi in Delhi, may please call any taxi operator like OLA, UBER, EASY CAB, RADIO TAXI, MEGA CAB & MERU CAB etc.

Taxi operator's contact numbers in Delhi:

OLA CABS: 011 33 55 33 55
MERU CABS: 011 44 22 44 22
EASY CABS: 011 43 43 43 43
MEGA CABS:  011 41 41 41 41
For General inquiry following may be contacted
1 Sh. Mukhiram (Coordinator Noida) 9350682122
2 Sh. Surya Tyagi 9810084327
3 Sh. Ashutosh 9810456130
4 Sh. N.S.Solanki 9810023102
5 Sh. Mukesh Goyal 9205559203
6 Sh. Arvind Bhati  9837152500
7 Sh. Tarun Awana (Coordinator Yuva Shakthi) 9990939308


Coordination Committe

1 Sh. J.S.Ambavat - Convener 9910103740
2 Sh. Dinesh Rai 9818433622
3 Sh. Suresh Kapoor 9811181255
4 Sh. Jai Karan Chaudhary 9810422122
5 Sh. R.D.Tyagi 9415104812
6 Sh. H.P.Chowdhary 9818685218
7 Lt. Gen. V K Kapoor 9810934444
8 Sh. Srichand Choudhary 9829010470
9 Sh. Mahesh Kumar Saini 9928421850
10 Sh. G.K.Dutta 8059417834
11 Sh. Brijesh Kapoor 9450906032
12 Sh. P.S.Rawat 9411140821
13 Sh. Rajeev Loomba 9914132447
14 Sh. Jagpal Singh 8057820937


Organizing Committee:

1 Sh. Mukhiram - Convener 9350682122
2 Sh. Neeraj- Ghaziabad 9958841702
3 Capt Ravinder Panwar- Gurgaon 98101 97405
4 Sh. G.C.Bhatt- Meerut 94125 51439
5 Sh. A.K.Sehgal- Faridabad 9818123639
6 Mrs. Anju Jain- Greater Noida 9999171270
7 Sh. Naresh Kumar - Baghpat 9759973914


Program Detail

9:00 A.M – 10 A.M
Registration, Refreshments and
10:00 A.M – 10:30 A.M Collective Meditation
10:30 A.M – 11:00A.M Shree Mataji’s Talk
11:00 A.M – 2:00 P.M
Welcome to Shree Mataji and Virat Puja
02:00 P.M – 04:00 P.M Maha Prasad
04:00 P.M – 05:00 P.M Depart for visiting Sahaj Sites
05:00 P.M – 07:00 P.M
Public Program for Self Realization to New Seekers.





Mobile No. 9910103740


Jt. Convener Jt. Convener
Mobile: 9450906032 Mobile: 9411140821
Email: Email:


Jt. Convener Jt. Convener
Mahesh Kumar Saini G.K.Dutta
State Coordinator (Rajasthan) State Coordinator (Haryana)
Mob. : 9928421850 Mob. : 8059417834
E-mail: Email:


Jt. Convener
Rajeev Loomba
State Coordinator (Punjab)
Mob: 9914132447
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