The process of awakening the Kundalini is called Self-Realization. We can connect with our spirit and achieve meditation when the motherly, spiritual energy known as Kundalini becomes awakened and active. When this energy is flowing within us, it provides an expression for the Spirit.
The dormant Kundalini energy rises from the sacrum through the spinal column. As a result, the energy centers or chakras become energized or nourished. When this energy passes through the brain we spontaneously achieve meditation.


Sit comfortably in front of Shri Mataji’s picture, with your left hand palm upwards on your lap. Use the right hand as indicated on the left side of your body to support the movement of the Kundalini upwards. You can use the affirmations silently, repeating them ‘inside’ without speaking them ‘outside’.

Please use these affirmations with all your confidence and your pure desire to become the Spirit. Shri Mataji explains: “It is everyone's right to achieve this state of ones evolution and everything necessary is already inbuilt. But as I respect your freedom, you have to have the desire to achieve this state, it cannot be forced upon you!".

Place your right hand on your heart and ask the following question to yourself.

Mother, am I the Spirit?

Then, take your right hand to the stomach (towards your right) and ask the following question.

Mother, am I my own Master?

Now, take your hand a little further down on the right hand side, and request the following.

Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.

After the request, take your hand to the same position as in step 2 (displayed beside also), and assert the following.

Mother, I am my own master.

Again, assert the following while placing your hand on the heart.

Mother, I am the spirit.

Again, take your right hand  and place on left side of the neck and turn the face towards right. say below affirmation 16 times.

Mother, I am not guilty at all..

Please keep your right hand on the forehead and utter the following

Mother, I forgive everyone including myself.

Please keep your right hand on the back of the head and say the following affirmation.

Mother, If I have done any mistake against the Paramchaithanya and it's powers, please forgive me..

Now place your right hand on the top of the head on the fontanel area. Rotate your scalp in  clock wise direction seven times .In each time pray the following with humbleness.

Mother, please give me my Self Realization.
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